Marta Tacus

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& Couses, License 6767E5



Buenos Aires, Argentina

Linux Administration

Certified in setup, administration and Internet connection in a Linux environment

Visual Basic programmer

Certified in PC Visual Basic 6.0 programmer specialist

Hardware repair

Buenos Aires Argentina

Certified in PC fix and repair

Technician University (UTN), Argentina

Fully recognized by the Australian Computer Society as an Advancing IT Professional (Assessed as comparable to the learning outcomes of an Australian AQF Advanced Diploma for the Overseas Qualification Unit

Major Subjects: 

  • Algebra, Probabilities and Statistics
  • Mathematical Analysis I, II
  • Complements of Physics and Chemistry
  • Economics and Organisation
  • Lab
  • Programming I, II, III
  • Structure and Database
  • Discrete Models
  • Computing Systems I, II
  • Problems of Contemporary Reality
  • Probability Applied
  • Seminar
  • Digital Techniques