Marta Tacus

Webdeveloper: BackendandFrontend LaravelDrupal CMSWordpress CMSResponsive Design


I am a Hard Working person on the way to success.

One of my greatest strengths is my strong commitment to providing a professional service to all colleagues with whom I work. My skill at developing and maintaining a close working relationship with every company client, something which in turn helps me to gain an in-depth understanding of their individual needs.

Personal qualities

My real passion for Web Development as a whole, an obsession which allows me to spot trends and develop best practise processes


When I start building a new website I think about what the client would like to see on it. That requires to use your imagination and creativity. All is in your mind.


It’s all about starting something new that keeps me motivated. When you developed for the web there’s always something new to apply.


Everybody want to be respect. And I think punctuality is about respect and being respectful. That makes you keep a balance in life.


Multitasking is a quality that we as webdevelopers need to apply to met out deadlines. Is not easy, but I think of them as game to keep my memory active.

Professional Timeline

Working hard and making the success

I am an ambitious problem solver with a passion for online businesses, and who love to join teams of like-minded developers. As someone who takes responsibility for her own personal development, I am continually evaluating
and upgrading my skills so that I stay at the cutting edge of web development. I am a natural problem solver, who has proven herself by success fully completing projects for ONG Organizations, web design and marketing agencies, and IT departments.

  • Jul 2013 - present

    Band of Coders, USA

    web developer
  • Jul 2012 - Nov 2012

    CHE Proximity, Melbourne Australia

    Digital Developer
  • Aug 2010 - present

    Suzuki Motos Argentina

    Webdeveloper Extranet
  • Jul 2008 - present

    Hyundai Motor Argentina

    Web developer / Programmer
  • Dec 2006 - Jun 2012

    Visual Identity, Melbourne Australia

    Drupal Webdeveloper
  • Aug 2005 - Sep 2006

    Oxfam Australia

    VIVA Developer/Database Programmer